Monday, June 28, 2010

More Drama in the Williamson household !

Last week when the film crew were here as if Anjanette collapsing in the heat on Tuesday during the filming wasn't enough drama sadly poor Jess had a serious head injury the following day .

She tripped over someones legs at school and fell banging her head on the classroom floor.
She had no laceration or mark on her head but complained that in her right eye the vision was blurry and she could not read even close up.

Here's the unbelievable part: we took her to the private hospital and paid £70 for a head CT scan which was done straight away, we then drove home and Jen our american paediatrician missionary colleague came straight over to examine her and review the scan with Anjanette.

The brain scan was normal but the lens in her right eye was pushed forward, we think she had some temporary swelling of the optic nerve .

After a combination of prayer, threatening her with having to miss the festival in the plaza the next day and a visit from her friend to cheer her up over the next 24 hrs all her symptoms settled. Today Jen examined her again and both lenses are the same and her vision is equal in both eyes. Praise the Lord! we have no NHS in Peru but we did get a brain scan and an expert paed consult within an hour. Amazingly a few weeks ago Jen checked Samuel and Jessica's vision as a routine check so she knew what Jess's vision was before the accident, also we have recently been reading a story with Jess and Sam about a little boy who had leukaemia and needed a brain scan so Jess had already seen pictures and understood a bit about brain scans before she needed to have one. God is so good!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cusco March for Jesus

We had a wonderful time at the Cusco March for Jesus. It was particularly special since this year we marched with our own church! Once again Pastor Scott was asked to pray in English for the tourists in the service in the plaza de armas, others prayed in spanish, quechua, portuguese and also italian!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Excitment with the film crew

Jonty getting ready for action

Gareth and Jon filming

Senor Silvester sowing the seed

The Watia!

The BMS film crew have arrived! They had a hectic schedule: filming the new houses that BMS World Mission built in Chincha for some families who lost their homes in the 2007 earthquake, then filming our colleagues Harland and Gill who work in the Iquitos. Now they are feeling the altitude staying with us in Cusco for a week making more BMS resources .
We had a great day yesterday in Yucay filming "Sacred Soil"the harvest resource for 2011 . The community in Yucay were delighted to participate and be interviewed and filmed , they even made a Watia for us , this is a tradition in the month of June where farmers make an oven in the fields and cook potatoes underground!
Heat stroke and collapse in the middle of the filming just added to the excitement but all is well now!
We are really enjoying having Gareth Jonty and Jon stay with us, (especially Samuel who only likes boy visitors) and are looking forward to a terrific action packed week with them.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers' day

We had a great fathers' day celebration with cooked breakfast, lunch out in Scott's favourite restaurant and a special fathers day themed church service, despite the kids being sad that they were off school last week due to strikes so did not collect his cards and gifts on time. Scott also received phone calls of greetings from folk who considered him their "spiritual father!" which was a nice surprise too.How fortunate we are to celebrate the goodness of our earthly and our heavenly father to us.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Please pray for Pastor Pepe

Pastor Pepe is the president of the Peruvian Baptist convention and a friend of ours. This week he discovered that he has stomach cancer. Today he is having an operation to remove the cancer please join us in praying for him and his family at this time.

Days off and disruption!

Last year a friend said to me that in June the schools rarely have a full 5 day week how true that was!

Thurs June 3rd : Corpus Cristi public holiday
Tues 8th : strike in Cusco
Weds 9th: day off school for teacher parents conferences
Thurs 17th : strike in Cusco
Fri 18th : strike in Cusco
Thurs 24th: public holiday for Inti Raymi day of Cusco .

so with all this disruption and days off school unfortunately Ausangate school are asking Jessica to come in for classes on Saturdays, something we are not too keen to comply with!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Standing in for the catholic priest!

Our good friend Gina celebrated the inauguration of Casa de Nono today . A residential home for the elderly in Cusco, this is quite a novel idea since most Peruvian families live together and care for the older folk in their family, however there are instances in cities like Cusco where family members live far away and old people who can afford to pay may like to stay in a residential home.
Today the inaugural ceremony was at 10.00 , Gina is always at least 2 hours late for everything and so when it was explained to the catholic priest who was booked for the inaugural mass that it would actually be starting a few hours late he was unable to officiate. So we received a frantic phone call from Gina asking Pastor Scott to take the ceremony. Well we didn't do a "mass" but we did a small thanksgiving service followed by some traditional dancing, speeches and smashing a champagne bottle with a hammer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup fever

You'll not be surprised to hear that we have world cup fever in Cusco too. Jess and Sam are enjoying collecting stickers for their world cup and we are looking forward to watching the England/ USA game with our american missionary friends !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guests of Honour

Here in the photo we are standing with Juan Carlos and his family. Juan Carlos graduated from medical school today today; he had to do a presentation about his thesis and there and then the board decide whether or not he has passed. Well fortunately he passed he was awarded his certificate and we were invited to join his immediate family and a few friends at the graduation party in a local restaurant. During the speeches we were introduced as friends of the family. How amazing to think that five months ago we had never even met this family and unfortunate circumstances brought us together. Juan Carlos and his sister live in Cusco but his parents Maria and Eddy live in Yucay they have been living in tents since the flooding in January and we have got to know them well. They invited us to celebrate this important event with them acknowledging the help we have given to their family and to their community and they will help us coordinate the distribution of maize seed project in the coming months too. Eddy said he wanted to thank us since we have kept our word and been faithful in supporting them when others had let them down, it was very humbling to hear this and we often feel so frustrated with the situation in Yucay wishing we could do more. When Maria phoned us to invite us to the graduation celebration we had no idea what to expect , well it turned out to be a very small select gathering and such a joy and honour!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Enjoying the public holiday.

No school today since it is a public holiday in Peru (Corpus Christi) . We went for a lovely walk and a picnic and even played baseball (!) with two other missionary families. How wonderful that God has given us like minded friends with whom we can relax and enjoy spending our leisure time !