Saturday, January 28, 2012

Peruvian Baptist Assembly and ladies conference

We are now back from the annual asamblea which was held this year in Lima.
It was great for the whole BMS World Mission Peru team to be present and to have the opportunity to spend quality time with our Peruvian brothers and sisters from many different churches in the convention.

Anjanette attended the ladies conference for the first few days after which Scott and the children arrived and joined in the asamblea.

Jess and Sam also had a lot of fun running around with their new friends ,some Peruvian children who were present at the conference .

We were able to participate in the presidential elections and it was good to hear Pastor Domingo the new President share his vision and aspirations for the coming years.

Sometimes being so far away geographically from other baptist convention churches we feel quite isolated here in Cusco; attending the conferences really helped us to feel part of the wider Peruvian baptist convention family and we have made some tentative plans to meet up with other pastors and churches on different occasions in the coming year.

Here are a few photos that Anjanette took at the ladies' conference.

Family beach holiday

Life has been very hectic and at times quite stressful these last few months and it was great to get away from rainy season in Cusco to enjoy the Peruvian summer for a holiday.

We spent the week at the beach in Northern Peru (2 flights away from Cusco) with some of our friends .

Jess and Sam are now very confident swimmers, we enjoyed seeing red crabs scuttling and collecting shells on the beach, we saw sea horses and turtles in the ocean, Chef Scott cooked fish, shark, octupus, prawns and scallops for us , Anjanette read 4 books and a wonderful relaxing time was had by all!

Las Islas Ballestas




the giant candelabra geolyph 595 feet long , etched into the ground at a depth of 2 feet is visible by boat

We spent a week in Paracas where Scott led the EMM conference and Anjanette looked after the mission workers' children. The highlight of our time there was a boat trip out to the Islas Ballestas, it was great to see the famous Candelabra and the wildlife, we enjoyed watching the pelicans penguins and seals in their natural habitat. Visiting Paracas is something we have wanted to do since we moved to Peru and we were delighted to have the opportunity to spend the week working with the EMM missionaries and to visit the wonderful islands too!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Retreats holiday and asemblea

The blog is about to go quiet for the next 3 weeks as we have some time away from Cusco.

week 1 Scott is the speaker at the annual retreat of another mission agency, Anjanette will be looking after the children (including Jess and Sam ) during the main sessions.We are looking forward to visiting Paracas for the first time.

week 2 Family beach holiday in hot sunny Northern Peru!!

week 3 We will all be in Lima for the national asemblea of all the Peruvian Baptist Convention churches.

Please pray for El Puente church over these next few weeks that we are away, and please pray for us and the different activities we will be involved in each week.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nuestro Huerto

We are having great fun growing vegetables in our huerto (translation:kitchen garden) . It is a challenge at high altitude without a greenhouse and the seasons are very different here, but we are experimenting and learning as we go along. We are growing choclo (maize) , cauliflower, beetroot, rocotto (type of hot pepper), pepinillo (gherkin) peppers and peas. We have already been eating some of our radish, lettuce and beans. It is a rewarding family activity and one we are all really enjoying !
Thank you Alan, Beverly, Simon and Dala for helping to dig the patch last year when you visited, we wish you could come back to Cusco and reap the harvest with us!
It was a pleasant surprise today when Jessica noticed some plums growing on a bush in the garden, we didn't even realise it was a fruit tree!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

On New Years day we decided to have a morning church service in our home followed by a church lunch since it was a baptismal service , it is much easier to have the paddling pool on our garden lawn rather than inside the church building. We were delighted to baptise Toto, he has been attending El Puente for the last few months and is so excited about his new faith.
What a wonderful way to start the new year, we pray that we will see God at work transforming many more lives in 2012 too!