Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great to be back at the Huambutio Clinic

Here are a few photos of Anjanette's morning at the Huambutio clinic today:

 We first met this gentleman a few months ago and diagnosed his diabetes. Since starting his treatment his condition has improved rapidly. He attends the clinic faithfully, always greets us like long lost friends  and is our favourite diabetic patient!

 Every week Anjanette does health checks on the local school children, here they are enjoying their anti parasite medication!

These 2 were fit and healthy but sadly one 18 year old girl today weighed 40 kg and told us that she only eats once a day at the school free breakfast club. Please join us in praying about the possibility of  purchasing and donating dried food to some of our most needy patients.

 Like many of our patients this baby has respiratory problems. It is now winter in Cusco and many folk are really suffering with the cold weather. Most houses are poorly built and are drafty , it is cold at night in the mountains, people do not have heaters ; they  just use extra clothes or blankets if they have them.

There is no space in the local nursery for these 2 lively three year olds,  so today as they enjoyed playing with our toys at the clinic we invited them to return every week. While they  play we could have a cup of tea and a chat with their mums. Parents and Toddler groups rarely exist in Peru since children are often at nursery 5 mornings a week from the age of 2!

Please join us in praying that the mums will come back regularly so that we can start a parent and toddler group , it would be a great service to the community as well as an opportunity to develop friendships and to teach health education to the parents.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Anjanette makes a flying visit home

 As we have previously stated, the things we miss most are our family and friends in the UK.

Sometimes it can be hard missing special occasions or family celebrations.

So it was a real treat for Anjanette to pop back to the UK to spend time with her parents for 2 weeks. At the same time she was thrilled to be in the UK to attend the wedding of some special friends and to also be with her Dad for Father's day (First time  celebrating Father's day with him for 5 years)

Scott, Jess and Sam did a great job looking after each other while she was away but we are all now much happier to be together in Cusco again.

(The photo below is of Anjanette with her sister Joanna and their mum and dad taken on Father's day)


Monday, June 3, 2013

Multicultural evening in Peru.

We were surprised to hear that our Peruvian friends have never eaten Indian food so we held an Indian themed evening for our church cell group. We listened to Bollywood music , dressed up accordingly and Chef Scott provided an amazing feast of Indian food. On a more serious note we spoke to our cell group about William Carey the first missionary to serve with the Baptist Missionary Society who went to India from the UK over 200 years ago!

 Here are a few photos of the fun and frolicks!