Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wedding fever at El Puente

This weekend we celebrated Mariela's wedding. Mariela is a member of El Puente and she married Secmarino the youth pastor of a local evangelical church in Cusco.

On Thurs we had a joint cell group meeting in our home for their joint noche de despedidia  ( farewell to single life) party.

On Fri Scott attended their legal wedding ceremony at the Municipalidad then in the evening we had a long wedding rehearsal at the IEP church where the wedding was to be held.

On Saturday Jess got ready to be a bridesmaid, Scott got ready to preach, Anjanette got ready to play in the El Puente band and poor old Sam got ready to sit through 8 hours of wedding ceremony.

We had a long but very happy day,  folk from El Puente sang, preached, prayed, got the flower girls and bridesmaids ready, one church member was the Master of Ceremonies in the afternoon and at the end of a very long day Pastor Scott was the chauffeur of the newly weds and also all the wedding presents. We all worked hard and enjoyed celebrating with Sec and Mariela, we pray that God will bless them in their new life together.

noche de despedida de solteros in our home

Legal ceremony with the registrar the day before the church wedding

 waiting for the bride to arrive...

Pastor Scott preaching

The food:  ( a bull was donated for the wedding breakfast!)

Bride, groom and the Williamsons all dressed up!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Brightening up the clinic walls

The walls in the Huambutio clinic are very bare and for some time now we have wanted to paint a mural or some bible verses on them. Anjanette's cousins did a great job today painting scripture and pictures on the walls in the waiting room and doctor's consulting room. The clinic now looks much more cheerful and welcoming. The verses they painted  are John 3 v 16  and Matthew 6 v 25-28 .