Sunday, May 26, 2013

What a great team

Left to right Claudia ( psychologist) Margarita (nurse) Karina (pharmacist) Carla (administrator) and Anjanette (doctor). This is the team of amazing ladies that Anjanette works with once a week at the Huambutio clinic. Patients walk in to the clinic for medical and psychological appointments. We have also started doing health checks and lessons in the local school.

We plan to expand the work to include more health education, home visits and some bible study groups. Please pray for us, the work is exciting and there are many opportunities, we need wisdom to know how best to serve the people of Huambutio and to establish a church here.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Puerto Maldonado

Here are a few photos of our recent jungle adventure.

 It was our first trip as a family, and it was so exciting for all 4 of us to see the amazing jungle flora and fauna together.

We spotted caimans,,sloths,  capaybaras, agoutis. monkeys, many tropical birds and a giant anteater.

We had a wonderful time and learnt  more about the beauty of God's creation.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Feliz Dia

In Peru it seems we are always celebrating someone's special day,  it is taken quite seriously when it is the day of your profession or another special day ( womens' day, mothers' day, fathers' day, children's day etc...)  there is always a lot of feasting and congratulating and celebrating !

Today we celebrated Dia de Madre at church. The children and young people participated  in the service and we had a terrific time together giving thanks for our mothers.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The big move

Earlier this week , exactly 2 weeks before we planned to move; Scott was talking to the workmen digging up the road in front of the new house and they told him that he had 48 hours to move in ( ie a lorry could just about enter the road and get close to the house) after that date it would not be possible for 4 weeks. So we packed up the house in one afternoon and moved the next day, we had loads of help from some amazing friends! The new house is large and noisy and dusty. We have to walk over piles of earth and rubble to get to our front door.

Here are some photos of the chaos in our new street!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Month of May

Well Scott started the month of May travelling and attending a youth conference and meetings in Piura.

 May 1st is dia de trabajador (labour day) in Peru so it is a national holiday, however there was no rest for Jess and Sam as they spent a large part of the day sorting out more clothes and toys to give away since we are moving house in a few weeks! Our landlord plans to sell our house to property developers, this is not a huge surprise to us, many houses in Cusco are being destroyed to build multistorey apartments. So after 3 happy years in this house we are on the move again, it will be our 5th house in 5 years living in Peru but such is the life of a missionary family. They told us at language school we would need a bible in one hand and a suitcase in the other!

Thankfully we have found a house to rent very close to our current house. It is a good size and has a large back garden for the children to play in . The main problem is that the road is currently being dug up so moving is going to be very interesting!

Later on this month all 4 of us are going to the jungle for a holiday to celebrate some birthdays.

Please pray for us , the month of May suddenly became much busier !