Sunday, May 26, 2013

What a great team

Left to right Claudia ( psychologist) Margarita (nurse) Karina (pharmacist) Carla (administrator) and Anjanette (doctor). This is the team of amazing ladies that Anjanette works with once a week at the Huambutio clinic. Patients walk in to the clinic for medical and psychological appointments. We have also started doing health checks and lessons in the local school.

We plan to expand the work to include more health education, home visits and some bible study groups. Please pray for us, the work is exciting and there are many opportunities, we need wisdom to know how best to serve the people of Huambutio and to establish a church here.

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David Gordon said...

This is so amazing after seeing those first photos with a run down looking building & rubble all over the place only a year and a bit ago. Still pray for you each week . God bless all your hard work & may you bring many into God's Kingdom .