Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Shower

Weds night ladies bible study with a difference! Last night instead of bible study at our home some of the ladies from church went to Emy's home to pray for the safe arrival of her baby.
Of course we also played games ate together and gave her some small gifts but the real purpose of the evening was for the church ladies to support her in prayer. In those first few weeks when we started the church plant 8 months ago Emy told us she was newly pregnant and we had the opportunity to pray with her.Last night was a wonderful celebration of friendship and new life! We are so excited to meet our first church newborn!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's the simple pleasures in life!

Scott returned from the UK earlier this month with a few plastic containers of Heinz Baked beans and today he bought a toaster. What a treat for the Williamson family to have beans on toast for tea, a taste of home!!!

Meeting Mr Mayor !

Today we had a meeting with the Mayor of Yucay . The Yucay municipalidad is prepared to donate 120 square metres of land to the convention for us to build a two storey health centre to work in. The population of Yucay is 3,500 and the health post there is nurse run so you can imagine the great need for medical attention there. We are very excited about this prospect, please join us in praying for this project to happen ! This weekend when we visit Yucay we will have a look at the land he is proposing. We are feeling very excited!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pretty Polly

It is normal for Anjanette's patients to surprise her in all sorts of ways:

1 the things they attribute their symptoms to for example I get a fever every time I drink cold water
2 the way they address her "Doctorcita Linda" which means beautiful little doctor
3 the fact that they will walk for hours to get to the clinic
4 the remedies they tried before coming to the clinic (like pouring urine on their skin)
5 the severity of their pathology
6 the number of skirts the quechua women wear

however today was a great surprise when a patient entered the clinic with a live parrot sitting on her shoulder!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Unexpected trip to Lima

We have really enjoyed having Jess and Tash stay with us, they were in our youth group in Luton 10 years ago and it has been great having them visit and take part in our work here in Cusco for a few weeks. Tomorrow they are due to fly back to the UK however with European airports closed due to the volcanic ash cloud this is a problem for them as well as millions of others who have had their travel plans disrupted over the last week!. Since their spanish is very limited Scott is flying with them to Lima tomorrow and will look after them until they are able to travel back to the UK so all of Scott's plans for this week have suddenly been put on hold!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Postres Evening

We held a postres evening at church tonight. We enjoyed desserts from England America and Peru and had excellent attendance from church members who brought friends and from the missionary community too. We had the cafe church decorated with candles on the tables and we listened to live music, the money raised will go towards the disaster relief in Yucay. Our main aim was that church members would feel comfortable inviting friends and family into the building in a relaxed informal environment and we were delighted to achieve that .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Medical Campaign in Yucay

Dr Greg examines Juan, a few days old the newest member of the Yucay community

Sorting through clothes donated by churches in Kirby Muxloe, Luton and Peru

Anjanette examining a patient in the makeshift consultation room, a gazebo and some blue sheets
Tash and Jess run the pharmacy

The team of doctors nurses and helpers from Fuente clinic and El Puente Cafe Iglesia.

We had a great day in Yucay today, 3 nurses and 2 doctors saw about 75 patients in Yucay, we were also able to chat and pray with patients too. For Anjanette it was such a treat to administer medical care as well as the aid we have been taking weekly to this community.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Warm woolies

Thanks to friends from Kirby Muxloe and Stanton Rd and Hadrian churches we have a wonderful collection of hats and socks and gloves to distribute in Yucay. We will soon be entering the cold season and for the communities living in cheap plastic tents it is very cold at night and in the early mornings! Tomorrow we are spending the day doing a medical campaign in Yucay. We have been working in this community for 3 months now and Anjanette is very excited about the opportunity of meeting some of the health needs of the community too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Handing out volantes

Today we dressed up and gave out fliers for our kids club and church service. It was great fun we played really loud gospel music outside the cafe church and invited lots of people to our events!
We are moving away from the idea of being open as a coffee shop and more towards a cafe where we run regular and special events. Opening daily to serve coffee and snacks was not working very well but was taking up a lot of time and money , instead we intend to have the cafe church open almost daily but for clubs and special events, (club for older people, childrens' clubs, language classes, bible studies, youth group, film nights, showing the world cup on the big screen ) Next weeks special event is a Noche de Postres, a dessert evening where we hope people will come into the church and enjoy a relaxed informal atmosphere with yummy desserts and live music.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

El Puente First Easter Service

the children play "Queremos a Cristo Proclamar" un evento especial at our Easter service!

Happy Easter from the Williamsons!

Aron and family join our Good Friday meeting

What a difference a year makes! Last Easter we were homesick for the traditions and our church family from the UK ,this Easter it was such a joy to celebrate with our church family at El Puente Cafe Iglesia. On Good Friday we held a meditative service in our home, what a privelege to welcome Aron, his parents and grandmother to our home to that special Good Friday meeting.
On Easter Saturday the church really bonded and worked hard serving the community in Yucay. On Easter Sunday we had a marvelous uplifting time together celebrating Christ's resurrection . Our good friend Pastor Jason (an independent Baptist missionary pastor here in Cusco) preached and some of the church children were involved in serving with the worship team playing their recorders in worship for the first time! Many many Easter eggs found their way to Cusco, the only thing we really missed was hot cross buns!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yucay Easter Celebration

Scott clowning around!

we played games with about 100 children

great to see the community really enjoying themselves

we have Jess and Tasha Wilson with us for a few weeks helping us with our work

little Jess enjoyed dressing up as a clown too!

Anjanette leading parachute games with her Easter hair do!

Scott and Pati read the Easter story

El Puente Cafe Iglesia and SAS travel ready for the journey home

the children enjoying craft activities

serving food for 350 people

Scott explaining the Easter story

Praise God for a wonderful family fun day today at Yucay celebrating Easter. Our whole church and some kind folk from SAS travel spent the day with our friends in the community in Yucay. We played games and did craft with the children, ate together and played football and prayed together, Scott gave a small talk explaining the Easter message. Today the chefs from SAS travel cooked the food so the ladies who cook most of the time had a rest and the huge treat of the day was that we took ice cream, a treat they had not enjoyed for months!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paying the Debt

When God sent his son Jesus to the cross, he paid for the debt for our sins that we can never repay! How wonderful recently to discover that a family from one of our supporting churches in UK felt moved to pay off a large debt for Aron and his family, his hospital bill after his critical head injury and long stay in intensive care over Christmas is a debt to the bank that they could never repay! When his parents discovered last night that our supporters in England are helping with this debt their response was the same as Anjanette, they just wept at the kindness and generosity from individuals used by God!