Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Huambutio construction is looking good...

the ground floor has been tiled and painted

triage area and staff toilet with stairs leading up to upper room

the upper room

the ground in the outside area has been levelled and tidied up

Scott was thrilled to get back from the UK and see the progress that has been made in Huambutio. Here are the latest photos. We now need to put up some curtain rails and curtains to divide the patient cubicles , install the sink and steriliser and also buy more medical equipment , finalise our license details and we hope to soon be open for business.....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pastor Scott is back!

After 2 months in the UK Scott returned to Cusco today. Approxiamately 30 people from our church came to the airport to greet him.

As he walked out of the airport they were chanting
"A la bim a la bom a la bim bong bam Pastor Pastor Ra Ra Ra !! "

The young people had made a huge banner and lots of people had balloons it was great fun and wonderful to see how excited El Puente is to have Pastor Scott back.

We are all delighted to be a family of 4 once more ! Thankyou all for praying for us during these last few months that we have been travelling. It is good to be home in Cusco all together again.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dr Anjanette teaches el aparato respiratorio

Samuel's 2nd grade class are currently learning about the respiratory system. They have been learning in a really exciting and interactive way, this would possibly not be allowed in the UK but Samuel was certainly very excited to touch a cow's heart and lungs to gain a better understanding of the structures.

Anjanette was invited to talk to the year group about the subject. It was great fun we taught the children about the equipment that we use to measure peak flow rate, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate. Then we all had a go at measuring and comparing these statistics as well as showing them some teaching X Rays.

It was a real treat to go and meet Samuel's class mates and to spend some time with them . When we got near the end of my session it was amazing how they suddenly thought up many enthusiastic interesting questions to delay having to go back to their "normal classes" What clever children!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Harvesting our veggies

We are very excited to harvest our choclo ( mountain corn) and rocotto (small chilli peppers). It has been a lot of fun growing these vegetables and we are harvesting then now as the cold season approaches since there is some frost at night. Picking the veg has been fun now we are enjoying eating it as we remember with thankful hearts that all good gifts around us are sent from heaven above!

June-August is winter in the mountains in Peru. Jess and Sam's school day gets pushed back by 30 mins because it is so cold for the children getting ready for school in the cold mornings. Could you imagine the outcry in the UK if the teachers changed the school hours by 30 mins for 1 half term each year????

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Missing Pastor Scott

Scott and his Granny

It was definately the right decision for Scott to stay in the UK and do the preaching tour on his own for an extra month but we are missing him! Anjanette has a renewed admiration for single parents and those who need to live apart from their families for long periods of time!

Last Sunday at church here in Cusco Anjanette led worship, did one of the talks, helped the treasurer count the money at the end of the service whilst keeping one eye on Jess and Sam as well. At the end of all that she was ready to see Scott again, absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder!

Thankfully Scott has been well received in the many churches he has visited, a number of folk are expressing an interest in supporting our El Puente Church Building fund which is a wonderful answer to prayer.

Earlier this week he spoke in 3 churches in Scotland, visited our flat, bought a kilt (no doubt ate some scottish pies!) and enjoyed some family time too, here is a photo of him with his granny!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Pastor Scott at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club!

Sam outside the english pub in Cusco

Fly the flag!

we bought red white and blue flowers from the local market

It's amazing how patriotic we feel now that we live overseas. We have had great fun decorating the house red white and blue , Jess and Sam waved their union Jack flag at the Queen as we watched the TV yesterday. Not sure what the Peruvians make of all the bunting in our home!

We absolutely love London and felt quite homesick watching the pageant on the Thames yesterday on the BBC news , although it has to be said we don't miss the changeable british summer weather!

While Scott is celebrating the jubilee in the UK (cream tea at the all english lawn tennis and croquet club alright for some!!!) Jess Sam and Anjanette went out for Sunday lunch to the English Pub in Cusco and enjoyed a traditional roast dinner , we even got 50% off the bill since the food arrived after a 40 min wait!

Friday, June 1, 2012

El Puente's schools project

The students doing a work sheet on creation

Gloria teaching the class at colegio Tupac Amaru

Gloria teaching that God knew us even before we were formed in our mother's womb!

We are delighted to have some new church members who are very keen to serve. One of these new members is Gloria.

Gloria is a trained teacher and has started her own schools project teaching religious and social education in state schools. She is passionate about demonstrating God's love through the voluntary schools work and she has been looking for a church who would support her in prayer and also help financially with some simple resources that she needs for her work. El Puente has always had a heart for schools work; Neil and Amanda Roper and also the Bristol team did some schools work when they were with us .

However having a trained Peruvian teacher with a heart for this ministry is absolutely wonderful. Gloria and Carla are now teaching weekly in a local school, currently they are leading classes on creation and self esteem. They are running courses which we hope to reproduce in the school in Huambutio next year. Please join us in giving thanks for Gloria and praying for this exciting new ministry .