Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 2015 El Puente update

We plan to update the blog every few months with Cusco news. 

As the  Williamsons have been  settling into life in the UK we have been thrilled to hear that the church in Cusco is going from strength to strength. The baptistry has been finished , it was opened up and used for the first time on Easter Sunday for 2 young people! How wonderful to hear that people who we journeyed with and watched grow up, have made a public declaration of their faith and decided to go through the waters of baptism!

The other big news is the launch of the ludoteca project in the church building.

Ludo means play, the idea of the ludoteca is to have a centre with educational materials and resources to teach the children through play. The church is opened regularly to the community and many local children are now coming through the doors learning about all sorts of educational topics whilst experiencing God's love through the church members. We hope that many people in the community will experience the church as a safe and welcoming place

El Puente ask us to pray that the leaders and the volunteers will have lots of patience and creativity and they ask for prayers for each child and family. Thank you for your prayers and continued interest for Cusco.