Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 2015 El Puente update

We plan to update the blog every few months with Cusco news. 

As the  Williamsons have been  settling into life in the UK we have been thrilled to hear that the church in Cusco is going from strength to strength. The baptistry has been finished , it was opened up and used for the first time on Easter Sunday for 2 young people! How wonderful to hear that people who we journeyed with and watched grow up, have made a public declaration of their faith and decided to go through the waters of baptism!

The other big news is the launch of the ludoteca project in the church building.

Ludo means play, the idea of the ludoteca is to have a centre with educational materials and resources to teach the children through play. The church is opened regularly to the community and many local children are now coming through the doors learning about all sorts of educational topics whilst experiencing God's love through the church members. We hope that many people in the community will experience the church as a safe and welcoming place

El Puente ask us to pray that the leaders and the volunteers will have lots of patience and creativity and they ask for prayers for each child and family. Thank you for your prayers and continued interest for Cusco.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We made it back to the UK

Well we had our final goodbye celebration with El Puente and the next day the whole church came to see us off at the airport, saying goodbye and leaving our Peruvian church family was heart breaking but we leave them knowing that they are safe in God's care and confident that the church will continue to go from strength to strength.

This week we arrived in cold England and although the winter weather has been a shock to the system, the warm welcome we received from our friends has made up for it. All of our suitcases that different people have been looking after for us made its way to the airport and the mini bus from our new church came to transport a huge amount of our luggage straight to the manse for us!

Please pray for us over these next few months as Scott visits our UK supporting churches, Jess and Sam settle into their new schools and Anjanette studies for her medical exams it will be a huge time of change for each one of us. Thank you for praying and supporting us on our Peruvian journey with BMS World Mission over the last 7 years. The support we have received from our friends and family and supporting churches has been overwhelming. We aim to update this blog a few times a year when we receive news from Peru, (Scott will be visiting Cusco every year) so we will keep you updated with the news from our lovely church family in Cusco.

Gracias y Dios les bendiga. Hasta pronto!

El Puente church prays for us as we leave

The Williamson family arrive at Heathrow airport

Friday, November 21, 2014

Raising Third Culture Kids

Jess and her class

Jess and Sam have grown up in a culture that is different to ours, but unlike their Peruvian friends they are not from the host country either. In many ways they are neither British nor Peruvian but actually have their own culture. They talk to each other in spanish but there are things that they love about England too! They have lived in Peru for 6 1/2 years and we are so proud of the way that they have adapted, learned the language fluently, made friends and served in our ministry with us. We do recognise that this has come at a cost, they have grown up missing many things about the UK; whilst they have had some amazing experiences (trekking in the Andes, watching dolphins swim wild in the Amazon, sailing on lake Titicaca, helping to provide aid to victims of natural disasters ) that their friends in the UK could only dream of.

Today was their last day at Ausangate school where they have studied for the last 6 years. As their Peruvian adventure is coming to an end (for now), they will need to adjust to life in the UK which is really a foreign culture for them; so many things about life in the UK will be new.

Sam has lived most of his life in Peru, he has no memories of when we lived in the UK before, so it will be a huge change for him. Please pray for them as we make the transition, their Peruvian class mates did a special presentation to say goodbye to them today and we had a small farewell party. Their prized possessions are their school uniforms which their friends and teachers have signed. Saying goodbye was hard, there were lots of tears today and more to come....

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Leaders from the Peruvian Baptist Convention pray for Pastor Scott

Anjanette says goodbye to colleagues at the La Fuente clinic

Sometimes despedidas involve dancing!

Sharing time with our friends in Yucay
Anjanette's last day teaching english at Los Patriotas

Almost all despedidas involve food.

The count down is on as we get ready to leave Peru in 2 weeks time. In Latin America many different groups of friends and colleagues want to celebrate a despedida with us. The verb despedir means to take ones leave and a despedida celebration usually involves eating, talking about how much you appreciate the person who is leaving and thanking God for them,  in Christian circles it involves
praying together. So we have started the despedida season, it is necessary for closure but is emotionally very draining. One thing is certain we have felt very loved and appreciated by all the kind words and things that have been said and done. Of course we recognise that nothing would have been done or accomplished without God's help, so a despedida is also a time to think back and thank God for his amazing faithfulness to us and to ask him for strength to get through the next few weeks of despedidas too !

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scott on tour, coming to a church near you soon ...

 As we start thinking about leaving and saying our goodbyes in Peru we are also planning our speaking engagements for when we return to the UK. We arrive in the UK in December when we will move into the manse in Rayleigh. Scott will be visiting churches in January and February 2015. Unfortunately there is not enough time to visit all of our supporting churches but if you are able to travel to hear him speak about the work of BMS World Mission in Cusco he would be delighted to see you.

Sunday 14th December New Malden Baptist Church   10.30am,  6.30pm

Saturday 3rd January Leicester Baptists in Mission Friar lane and Braunstone Baptist Church, Leicestershire 12-3pm

Sunday 4th January Union Baptist Church, High Wycombe 10.15 am

Sunday 11th January Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church 10.30am

Tuesday 13th January Queens St Baptist Church, Godalming 6.30pm

Sunday 18th January Leigh Baptist Church, Lancashire 11.15 am

Wednesday  21st January Inverness Baptist Church, Scotland  7.30pm

Sunday 25th January Cupar Baptist Church, Scotland  10.30 am

Sunday 1st February Trafalgar Road Baptist Church, Horsham 10.30am

Sunday 8th February Stanton Road Baptist Church, Luton 10.30 am

In February, Scott will be taking up the role of Senior Pastor at Rayleigh Baptist Church in Essex. His induction service is on Saturday 28th February at 3pm, we would love friends from some of our supporting churches to attend, if you would like to be there please let the church know for catering purposes by sending an email to pa@rayleighbaptist.org.uk .

So it is all change for the Williamsons, moving from Peru to the UK, setting up a new home, starting new jobs and new schools. Please continue to pray for us in the unsettling months ahead. God is our rock and although everything around us seems to be changing he is unchanging and is always faithful.

Friday, September 5, 2014


We are leaving Peru at the end of November and heading back to live in the UK. Right now whilst we try and maintain as normal a routine as possible we are however entering into a period of transition.

We are busy sorting out the house; clearing out junk, selling and giving away things and even starting to say goodbye to some of our friends. Anjanette has stopped working at the clinic in Huambutio, the childrens' work continues there but we have closed down the medical side of the project. Scott is handing over his responsibilities to other church leaders spending more time training them up to take over and less time preaching or leading meetings.

It is a strange unsettling time as we start to think about how the future will look in our new home, new jobs and new schools. We are busy doing paperwork that is necessary for leaving Peru as well as starting life in the UK. We are experiencing a mixture of emotions, sadness at leaving a place where we have been really happy but also excited about what God has in store for us.

Please pray for us as we work through the practical and emotional aspects of transition. We have moved house 11 times in 17 years of married life and are hopeful that this next big move will be the last one for a while!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Official opening of our new church building.

Cutting the ribbon at the  church entrance

Wonderful to see the church so full

Welcome to Iglesia El Puente's 5th anniversary

Church BBQ after the anniversary Sunday service

relaxing and enjoying church lunch together
This weekend El Puente Iglesia celebrated the inauguration of our new church building. Although we have been worshiping in the unfinished building for a while things have been very busy the last few weeks and we finished tiling the floor downstairs and installed the kitchen unit and put up the church sign just in time ( the morning of the inauguration) for the special ceremony on Saturday evening.

Church members enjoyed celebrating with  their friends and family and we were thrilled that lots of people from the new community also came, including the family that sold us the house where the church now is. We hired 100 extra chairs and still did not have enough space for all of our visitors.It was wonderful to see the church full.

Once again we are amazed at what a wonderful gift this new church building has been to us. This weekend also marks the church's 5th anniversary  and we remember with great fondness the adventures and ups and downs that we have had along the way, always grateful to God for his guidance and faithfulness to his people. We pray that the contacts we have had with the community this weekend will enable us to deepen friendships with our new neighbours.