Monday, July 30, 2012

Casa Josefina

Today is the first day of Jess and Sam's 2 week school holidays. Something they always love to do when they are off school is to visit a local christian children's home here in Cusco, run by some of our missionary friends. We had a great time helping to look after the children while the carers had their weekly staff meeting. Scott loves to feed the babies their milk, Anjanette loves to read to the children, Samuel provides a good back for horse rides and Jessica just loves every moment of being there with the big and little children.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Celebrating London 2012 with our international friends!

Well perhaps the Williamson family would win the prize for the house in Cusco with the most Olympic London 2012 memorabilia! It was great to watch the opening ceremony with our friends from Peru USA and UK, our special friends even dressed their Peruvian baby son in a scottish shirt and kilt for the occasion! One of the missionaries commented how watching all the countries parading in the stadium reminds us of the promise in scripture that one day every nation tribe and tongue will stand before God's throne. Well there was some healthy bantering between the Brits and the Americans but perhaps the loudest cheer of the night was from everyone cheering on the Peru team!

Insulating the church

Since Pastor Scott decided to smash down the dividing wall and to put the musicians in the conservatory to create some more space, us poor musicians can not hear ourselves or each other when we play during the service. So whilst we eagerly await the day when we can purchase our own church building; in order to rectify this problem we are attempting to insulate the glass room.
Hopefully the end result will be better sound and maybe even a warmer church too! Carla Scott and Alfredo have spent a few days buying and insulating material to sound proof the room. Once again Scott finds himself missing his fabric deacon and doing things he never could have imagined!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Church Meeting

It would be fairly unheard of to have a church meeting in the UK on a Saturday night but that was what El Puente did this week. We have a church meeting every 3 or 4 times a year and it always involves a lot of eating food and enjoying each others' company as well as some church business. There was a wonderful sense of excitement and ownership as different people shared about the different projects and we were all united in agreeing that everything we do must be rooted in prayer. So we have different people working on the schools project, the Huambutio project, the regular church ministries , a church website, looking for new church premesis,fund raising for the church building project, the list goes on.....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Important visitors and new members at El Puente

Last Sunday it was a privilege to welcome the big bosses to El Puente.

Pastor David Kerrigan (General Director of BMS World Mission ) Pastor Peter Dunn (Director for missions) and Pastor Carlos Palacio (Executive secretary for the Peruvian Baptist convention) were all in the house.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together and they welcomed and prayed for 2 more new church members!

David and Peter had been attending a meeting in Chile and popped across to Peru to speak at the BMS Latin America retreat.We have been greatly blessed by them taking time to be with us .

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The joy of welcoming new members

Today we welcomed 7 new people into church membership. How wonderful that El Puente is steadily growing. We started a few years ago with a handful and we are soon to celebrate our 3rd church anniversary with a great committed core group. Gracias a Dios!