Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dear friends greetings from Peru
here is a quick update on our situation

today (Weds) we spent 8 hrs in the immigration office getting our residency ID card, there were problems with computer systems crashing, long queues , mistakes and redos and it transpires that the wrong stamp was used for our visas at the Consulate in London (one that should have been used for children not adults) so at last Scott and Anjanette have their residency card which we will need to have stamped and updated yearly. Now begins the process of applying for the childrens' ID cards.
Tomorrow (Thurs) we plan to start the process to apply for the childrens' cards. We have bought bus tickets to travel to Arequipa tomorrow night. so tomorrow will also involve moving our freight boxes from the church where they are being stored to the company who are transporting them to Arequipa and getting ourselves organised to travel , if everything is completed on time we will travel at 20 30 our 14 hr bus journey to Arequipa, please pray that we will manage to do this in time (we are approaching a bank holiday and there are no tickets available for the next few days) also please pray for safety in travel and that the children will sleep well for most of the Bus journey.
The Language school has found us a house to rent in Arequipa , after 10 days of sleeping in one room camping style we are ready to move into our own home and are very excited.

So when we arrive and have contact details we will send our new address , next week the children will commence preschool and soon after we will start our language classes. Today in the immigration queues we met some German doctors and their young family who will also be at the language school in a few weeks. We even met an Australian man married to a Peruvian lady who used to live in Wimbledon and knows New Malden quite well! Small world.

so that's about all the news for now,we are in good spirits and raring to go: hopefully it will be goodbye Lima hello Arequipa for us very soon.

Take care
love from Scott Anjanette Jess and Sam