Saturday, June 9, 2012

Missing Pastor Scott

Scott and his Granny

It was definately the right decision for Scott to stay in the UK and do the preaching tour on his own for an extra month but we are missing him! Anjanette has a renewed admiration for single parents and those who need to live apart from their families for long periods of time!

Last Sunday at church here in Cusco Anjanette led worship, did one of the talks, helped the treasurer count the money at the end of the service whilst keeping one eye on Jess and Sam as well. At the end of all that she was ready to see Scott again, absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder!

Thankfully Scott has been well received in the many churches he has visited, a number of folk are expressing an interest in supporting our El Puente Church Building fund which is a wonderful answer to prayer.

Earlier this week he spoke in 3 churches in Scotland, visited our flat, bought a kilt (no doubt ate some scottish pies!) and enjoyed some family time too, here is a photo of him with his granny!

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