Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yucay Easter Celebration

Scott clowning around!

we played games with about 100 children

great to see the community really enjoying themselves

we have Jess and Tasha Wilson with us for a few weeks helping us with our work

little Jess enjoyed dressing up as a clown too!

Anjanette leading parachute games with her Easter hair do!

Scott and Pati read the Easter story

El Puente Cafe Iglesia and SAS travel ready for the journey home

the children enjoying craft activities

serving food for 350 people

Scott explaining the Easter story

Praise God for a wonderful family fun day today at Yucay celebrating Easter. Our whole church and some kind folk from SAS travel spent the day with our friends in the community in Yucay. We played games and did craft with the children, ate together and played football and prayed together, Scott gave a small talk explaining the Easter message. Today the chefs from SAS travel cooked the food so the ladies who cook most of the time had a rest and the huge treat of the day was that we took ice cream, a treat they had not enjoyed for months!

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