Friday, May 3, 2013

Month of May

Well Scott started the month of May travelling and attending a youth conference and meetings in Piura.

 May 1st is dia de trabajador (labour day) in Peru so it is a national holiday, however there was no rest for Jess and Sam as they spent a large part of the day sorting out more clothes and toys to give away since we are moving house in a few weeks! Our landlord plans to sell our house to property developers, this is not a huge surprise to us, many houses in Cusco are being destroyed to build multistorey apartments. So after 3 happy years in this house we are on the move again, it will be our 5th house in 5 years living in Peru but such is the life of a missionary family. They told us at language school we would need a bible in one hand and a suitcase in the other!

Thankfully we have found a house to rent very close to our current house. It is a good size and has a large back garden for the children to play in . The main problem is that the road is currently being dug up so moving is going to be very interesting!

Later on this month all 4 of us are going to the jungle for a holiday to celebrate some birthdays.

Please pray for us , the month of May suddenly became much busier !

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