Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nuestro Huerto

We are having great fun growing vegetables in our huerto (translation:kitchen garden) . It is a challenge at high altitude without a greenhouse and the seasons are very different here, but we are experimenting and learning as we go along. We are growing choclo (maize) , cauliflower, beetroot, rocotto (type of hot pepper), pepinillo (gherkin) peppers and peas. We have already been eating some of our radish, lettuce and beans. It is a rewarding family activity and one we are all really enjoying !
Thank you Alan, Beverly, Simon and Dala for helping to dig the patch last year when you visited, we wish you could come back to Cusco and reap the harvest with us!
It was a pleasant surprise today when Jessica noticed some plums growing on a bush in the garden, we didn't even realise it was a fruit tree!

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