Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Excitment with the film crew

Jonty getting ready for action

Gareth and Jon filming

Senor Silvester sowing the seed

The Watia!

The BMS film crew have arrived! They had a hectic schedule: filming the new houses that BMS World Mission built in Chincha for some families who lost their homes in the 2007 earthquake, then filming our colleagues Harland and Gill who work in the Iquitos. Now they are feeling the altitude staying with us in Cusco for a week making more BMS resources .
We had a great day yesterday in Yucay filming "Sacred Soil"the harvest resource for 2011 . The community in Yucay were delighted to participate and be interviewed and filmed , they even made a Watia for us , this is a tradition in the month of June where farmers make an oven in the fields and cook potatoes underground!
Heat stroke and collapse in the middle of the filming just added to the excitement but all is well now!
We are really enjoying having Gareth Jonty and Jon stay with us, (especially Samuel who only likes boy visitors) and are looking forward to a terrific action packed week with them.

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