Monday, June 28, 2010

More Drama in the Williamson household !

Last week when the film crew were here as if Anjanette collapsing in the heat on Tuesday during the filming wasn't enough drama sadly poor Jess had a serious head injury the following day .

She tripped over someones legs at school and fell banging her head on the classroom floor.
She had no laceration or mark on her head but complained that in her right eye the vision was blurry and she could not read even close up.

Here's the unbelievable part: we took her to the private hospital and paid £70 for a head CT scan which was done straight away, we then drove home and Jen our american paediatrician missionary colleague came straight over to examine her and review the scan with Anjanette.

The brain scan was normal but the lens in her right eye was pushed forward, we think she had some temporary swelling of the optic nerve .

After a combination of prayer, threatening her with having to miss the festival in the plaza the next day and a visit from her friend to cheer her up over the next 24 hrs all her symptoms settled. Today Jen examined her again and both lenses are the same and her vision is equal in both eyes. Praise the Lord! we have no NHS in Peru but we did get a brain scan and an expert paed consult within an hour. Amazingly a few weeks ago Jen checked Samuel and Jessica's vision as a routine check so she knew what Jess's vision was before the accident, also we have recently been reading a story with Jess and Sam about a little boy who had leukaemia and needed a brain scan so Jess had already seen pictures and understood a bit about brain scans before she needed to have one. God is so good!!!

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Catherine and Luke said...

Hope you don't mind me messaging, but I have loved reading your blog today! We have a blog too, and are in the process of adopting from Peru. Long story but through many years and events God has led us to this point and we are ecxited to learn more about the nation through reading your story. We have long standing family conections with BMS, and I served for 6 months in Brazil when I was younger, which started my love of South America! We pray that God richly blesses your work, family and language lessons!(we are learning Spanish too!) God bless, Catherine Green