Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grain for Yucay

Today with the help of Carlotta one of our church members Scott had a meeting with a granary in Calca and was able to secure 400 sacks of maize seed. In 2 weeks time when our director of mission Peter Dunn and his family visit us we plan to hold a special event in Yucay when we will distribute 1 sack of grain to each of the 400 farming families in Yucay who lost their crops during the January floods.

This project is so exciting, since we are giving them independence and dignity and once again they will start to farm their land. Many thanks to BMS World Mission, IMB, Berea baptist church and a CEBP church offering in Lima together all of these organisations have donated money to make this agricultural project in Yucay possible. When it is harvest season next year we will ask each farmer for a small portion of their crop which we then plan to use to buy some small animals (guinea pigs, rabbits) for other families in Yucay to restart their businesses since many small animals were also destroyed by the flooding.
Please join us in praying that God's love will clearly be demonstrated as we donate the maize seed and in particular that they will reap a good harvest !

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