Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guests of Honour

Here in the photo we are standing with Juan Carlos and his family. Juan Carlos graduated from medical school today today; he had to do a presentation about his thesis and there and then the board decide whether or not he has passed. Well fortunately he passed he was awarded his certificate and we were invited to join his immediate family and a few friends at the graduation party in a local restaurant. During the speeches we were introduced as friends of the family. How amazing to think that five months ago we had never even met this family and unfortunate circumstances brought us together. Juan Carlos and his sister live in Cusco but his parents Maria and Eddy live in Yucay they have been living in tents since the flooding in January and we have got to know them well. They invited us to celebrate this important event with them acknowledging the help we have given to their family and to their community and they will help us coordinate the distribution of maize seed project in the coming months too. Eddy said he wanted to thank us since we have kept our word and been faithful in supporting them when others had let them down, it was very humbling to hear this and we often feel so frustrated with the situation in Yucay wishing we could do more. When Maria phoned us to invite us to the graduation celebration we had no idea what to expect , well it turned out to be a very small select gathering and such a joy and honour!

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