Sunday, June 13, 2010

Standing in for the catholic priest!

Our good friend Gina celebrated the inauguration of Casa de Nono today . A residential home for the elderly in Cusco, this is quite a novel idea since most Peruvian families live together and care for the older folk in their family, however there are instances in cities like Cusco where family members live far away and old people who can afford to pay may like to stay in a residential home.
Today the inaugural ceremony was at 10.00 , Gina is always at least 2 hours late for everything and so when it was explained to the catholic priest who was booked for the inaugural mass that it would actually be starting a few hours late he was unable to officiate. So we received a frantic phone call from Gina asking Pastor Scott to take the ceremony. Well we didn't do a "mass" but we did a small thanksgiving service followed by some traditional dancing, speeches and smashing a champagne bottle with a hammer!

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