Monday, September 6, 2010

Medical campaign in Lucre

Margareta , our quechua speaking nurse who is from Lucre

some people are rebuilding their homes, other homes are left derelict as their owners have left Lucre and moved to Cusco.

Makeshift shelters made of wood, plastic and metal roofs.

Some enormous Aloe Vera cacti!

Anjanette examining a screaming patient!

the pharmacy area, where we had a limited stock of drugs to donate to patients.

Lucre is one of the villages in the Cusco region badly affected by the floods 7 months ago.
Lucre is 20mins drive from central Cusco and since a number of other churches and mission agencies are already established there we decided to concentrate our help to the flood victims further outside of Cusco in Yucay, so today was our first visit to Lucre.
Lucre is based around a lake and has a river running right through the village so the majority of the adobe houses in the village centre were destroyed, unfortunately some houses were completely submerged ! 7 months after the flooding folk are still living in makeshift shelters and the whole village looks like a building site, many people are now rebuilding on the land where their houses were destroyed.
An american short term mission agency called MMI are working in the Cusco region for 2 weeks and have asked the Cusco missionary doctors from La Fuente clinic to join them and help see patients this week ,so today Scott and Anjanette spent the morning helping out with the medical campaign which was held in the Lucre health post. Scott enjoyed the experience since all the patients kept on calling him Doctor ! Anjanette had a guided tour of the area by Margareta one of the nurses who works at Fuente clinic. Margareta lives in Lucre and spent the morning with us helping to translate for the quechua speaking patients.

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