Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tramites Tramites.....

Tramites is the spanish term used for paperwork and documents and poor Scott is up to his eyeballs in tramites.

He has been busy organising paperwork for the Roper family so they can obtain their residency here in Peru when they hopefully move to Cusco and work with us early next year.

He has been renewing our residency status and permission to stay in Peru another year , this involves receiving documents from Lima and visiting the immigration office in Cusco .

Today he has travelled to Arequipa for a few days to submit Anjanette's legalised medical documents the first step on a long road to hopefully receiving her license to practice medicine in Peru.

Being the 1st of the month we have to visit different banks to pay the childrens' school fees , our house rent to the landlord and also the church rent to the church landlord. No such thing as easy direct debit monthly transfers here and waiting in queues in banks can take a whole morning . You may be surprised to hear that other bills ( like electricity and water ) are paid at the pharmacy or ironmongers! We don't accumulate gas bills we just call the gas company and pay when our gas bottle is empty and a man on a motorbike brings a new bottle for us , we use gas bottles for cooking, for hot water and for the heater.

So this is the joy of doing tramites in Peru, nothing is simple fast or straightforward but life is certainly never boring !

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