Saturday, September 11, 2010

Possible site for new clinic in Yucay

This week we looked at 240 square metres of land in Yucay. (The foreground of the land in the picture). It is in a good central location, far from the river that flooded earlier this year and the owner will sell it at a reasonable price since it is for a social action project not a private home.

We hope to buy this land to build a clinic/church plant here. (We decided not to accept the land that the mayor offered to us for free since it was being offered with strings attached and probably for political gain, however it did bring up the need for better health care for the community and an important opportunity for us to continue our work here in Yucay) It is such an exciting project the government health provision for the Yucay community is very poor, currently they have few drugs and no doctor in their health post. We would hope to model a different approach to health care where we treat the patient holistically body mind and soul. Today we met with the owner and await him producing the records and the deeds to the land , if all goes to plan we hope a representative from the CEBP ( Peruvian Baptist convention in Lima) will travel to Cusco in a few weeks to do the paperwork, how exciting !!! However this is Peru things rarely go to plan so please join us in praying for this venture.

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Bob Simpson said...

Newbold Verdon Baptist Church will be praying especially for you all, and especially the exciting possibility of a site for the new clinic.