Thursday, April 16, 2009

We met the music man and did some skillful driving!

Last night we had a 7pm meeting in the centre of town to hear Kiki the music man from Jess and Sam's school explain about the curriculum. One of things we love about Ausungate is that they are very strong on music drama and art and craft , one thing that's not so great is that the school does not have an indoor hall/auditorium for meetings hence the last parents evening we went to was in the school playground, last nights was a long way from school in the town centre. We were keen to attend as well as being told that it is mandatory (even though the sign in list was mislaid!)
The meeting hall was in a pedestrian area where cars were not allowed to stop so we turned the corner and drove up a narrow street for a long way until we reached a dead end. Poor Scott had to reverse back (no space to turn around and only room for 1 car's width)for about HALF A MILE !!
As you see from the photo our car is not small!!
When we finally found somewhere to park then found the venue at 7.45pm we hadn't missed too much since events rarely start on time in Peru!

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