Monday, April 13, 2009


bicycles and walking the only form of transport, people apparently being collected from the airport in tricycles!

stones blocking the main road that is normally choc a bloc with traffic!

Whilst the children were getting ready for school this morning we received a phone call saying that the roads were blocked with stones and the main road (la Cultura) from Larapa to the centre of town was blocked, anyone driving cars risked having stones thrown at the cars.
The reason for the strike is a protest whereby the agricultural workers from the countryside are protesting against the unfair price that they receive from the government for their produce. Hopefully the situation will be resolved and they will receive a just amount for their hard work.

So a minor inconvenience for us but more so for those who really needed to travel or work, people needing to travel have walked long distances today in the pouring rain !

Jessica was very disappointed to miss school, Samuel not so much! Anjanette did her best to home school, we had fun with jolly phonics, Jessica read to me , we made pen pots from some craft sets we received for christmas, we played alphabet lotto , Samuel did some cooking with Scott, we played Uno and doctors and nurses and then after lunch we let them watch TV while Anjanette had a lie down! A reminder to us of why we do not home school our children it was exhausting(and we are not very good at it either).

So the children almost had their Easter Monday bank holiday as they would have in the UK, but not really since we made them work.Hopefully for us this is only one day however it did remind me of the hardship that our colleagues face in other countries when they are told to stay in their homes and not go out for days on end!

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