Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

easter merringues

Jessica's easter banner

how many missionaries does it take to light a barbecue?

enjoying making some chick and fluffy bunny crafts that were sent from home!

Whilst far from home and celebrating in a different way we have enjoyed our Easter celebrations our wonderful risen Lord is the same whatever country or situation we find ourselves in.
Easter was a little strange for us as normally we are so busy with church events whereas this year we only went to church this morning Easter Sunday where we had a wonderful celebration service.
No easter eggs on sale here but quite few made their way across the miles which we are very grateful for!
Yesterday we had a barbecue and childrens' easter party for 6 other missionary families and we enjoyed celebrating with and getting to know new friends. We also signed the contract yesterday to rent the new room to start the church meetings in a few weeks so we anticipate next Easter being different from this one as we will be busy serving in the new church then.

Tomorrow the 4 day weekend is over and the children go back to school so back to normal for us although we have all appreciated a break from school and language classes for a short while!


Bob said...

Astonishing that after all these years you should bump into my friend Paul Turner, whose parents Alan and Eva were members of my church in Welling, and who were themselves missionaries in Peru. I've been out of touch with Paul for years - didn't even know he'd recently married. What a small world!

Williamson Family Blog said...

bob you can meet him when you and Angela come to visit surely a sabbatical time must be coming up soon???