Sunday, April 19, 2009

On line shoppping with a difference-Weekend visit to Curahuasi

Daniel and Melanie

beautiful view from the hospital!

impressive Cactus plants!

Normally our missionary friends Daniel Melanie Elisa and Joshua who live in Curahuasi (2 hrs drive from Cusco) visit us every 2-3 weeks to do their grocery shopping. In Curahuasi they can not buy butter and other necessities and all the missionaries choose not to buy meat from the market where it stays in the hot sun all day. I understood why when Melanie and I walked past a shop selling whole (and I mean whole) plucked chickens as people walked passed the chicken on the counter they would affectionately pat its bottom !

However this weekend since we celebrated Daniel's birthday with a party in their home so we took the shopping to them and enjoyed seeing where they live.
Curahuasi is at a lower altitude and warmer than Cusco we saw many more tropical plants, bananas papayas bouganvilleas and poinsettia bushes! The views of the mountains were spectacular but the drive was stomach churning.

Daniel and Melanie are German doctors who have taken out 3 years to work in the new lutheran hospital recently built there, it was good to meet their colleagues and see the love and commitment that they have for God and the Peruvians that they serve here.

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