Monday, April 6, 2009

Great news about the Church plant

inside the room
urbanizacion ucchullo grande

standing outside the room which we will rent for the church plant

We had a small planning meeting with a few of the students in our house today, Jess took this photo!
Today we found a room to rent in the university residential area called URBANIZACION UCCHULLO we will start renting it on Sunday May 3rd when we will have a prayer meeting in our new place then that week we will start our meetings proper as the students return from their holidays.
Our hope is to have mid week cell meetings,chess club, movie nights maybe even English classes! Then on a Sunday we will hold our main meeting there.
This is all very exciting please pray with us as we take this next step in our adventure.
love from the Williamsons x


Bob said...

This is great news! We prayed last Sunday evening for you to have some encouragement in the student work. And great photo, Jess.

MDRev said...

You step and we'll pray :-)

Sue R said...

Prayed for you as well on Sunday and showed the video clip. Funny enough everyone laughed when the saw the clip of scott in his hat!! How did you break your toe?

JNorth said...

Wonderful news, really glad you got the room!