Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 steps forward 2 steps back!

Thankyou for your prayers today, we really need them.

Today we had hoped to have our first church meeting, well maybe we did have it, where 2 or 3 are gathered....

If you bear with us we will explain Scott's afternoon to give you a flavour of our frustrations and happenings.

Michael is the student who was running the small student group last year, he has just completed 3 months holiday and popped back to Cusco for the day today before returning home for another month. We were very keen to have a meeting with him and all the students today so we could meet them before he leaves, so the plan was 2 pm meeting just with him then 4pm meeting with the students in our home.

Well a little after 2pm he arrives and tells us that no students can meet tonight since they have exams this week, the person who will work with us (Esau) is away and will return to Cusco at 7pm tonight Michael has lost his mobile phone so has few phone numbers to contact the students and Michael plans to leave Cusco by 8pm tonight.

So we persuade Michael to stay overnight so we can meet with him and Esau together then at about 3pm he announces he needs to meet his mother and visit his Uncle 1 hr drive from Cusco , Scott is anxious not to lose him so despite his broken toe drives Michael and his mother to visit their family.

Michael's 10min visit turns into 2 hrs and they make it back (with a car load of gas cookers pots and pans )just in time to collect Esau's brother at 8pm but waited almost another hour to meet Esau. By now it was late and our plan for a dinner meeting was abandoned .

Scott returned home smiling, feeling that we were a bit overoptimstic that we would have a British style house group meeting in our home today.

Well Anjanette has just enjoyed reading the book 3 steps forward 2 steps back by Charles Swindoll!

Tomorrow's plan is to meet with Michael Esau Benjamin and a few others also to look for a room to rent near the university where we hope to start cell church and evangelism in the near future, watch this space and please keep praying

love from Scott Anjanette Jess and Sam

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Peter, Vicki, Thomas, Charis, Alex & Zoë said...

Lastimosamente, esta experiencia sería la normal! Don't´give up - eat chocolate!