Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scott visits the Sacred Valley

Psalm 19 verse 1

Yesterday Scott took our visitors on a whistle stop tour of the Sacred Valley to see the amazing scenery and the inca ruins. We are slowly realising that Cusco is a fabulous place to live. At this time of year when the hills are so green the colours are really magnificent!

Scott was able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, he dropped our visitors off to explore Ollantaytambo and visited a restaurant owned by one of our Peruvian friends as he was asked to give some advice about how the restaurant is run. This may turn out to be a great two way relationship as we are currently praying about the option of running a coffee shop to generate income for our church and we will welcome our friends business advice too!

Yesterday Anjanette and the children stayed home and also helped to look after 2 little boys from a latin link family who are in the process of moving house.Anjanette soon realised our house is not toddler friendly!!
It has been a pleasure to help look after the boys these last 2 days and we too have been really blessed by the help and support of the missionary community here. Scott has made friends with an English pastor who he met at the weekly pastors meeting, yesterday we had a nice surprise when an american missionary who is doing church planting here made contact with us after reading our blog, he lives round the corner from us so we look forward to getting to know him and his family too.Tonight we will attend our first monthly worship evening when we get to meet all of the Cusco missionaries, God is good and we are starting to find our feet and make more friends here .Please pray that we will build up good friendships with Peruvian families too.

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