Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jesus eating Guinea Pig at the last supper.

This picture of Jesus easting cuy is found in Cusco cathedral, it is great!!
I spoke to our language teacher about Catholic traditions in semana santa (Holy week)
There are various religious processions throughout the week. The schools have 2 days holiday for Thursday and Friday on Thursday families in Cusco celebrate a special meal together as they remember the last supper together. To represent the 12 disciples they eat 12 dishes
Prawn soup, polenta, salad, corn cake, peach compote, rice with milk, purple corn pudding, corn empanada, merringue, cake, yellow bread and bread pudding. Not surprisingly after eating all that on the Thursday some families will then fast on Friday!


Angela said...

What a wonderful picture - but would cuy be considered a kosher food?

I like the list of 12 desserts for the disciples though!!

Sabine Chai said...

Dear Scott and Anjanette, I could not fine contact information on your blog, so I am trying with a comment.
Would you allow me to repost your picture of Jesus having cuy on my blog? You can find the blog at http://beyondlinesandcircles.com/
I am a theologian and teacher of intercultural communication. The post I would use the picture for is about religion adapts to its environment. (For example, I currently live in Bangladesh and Father Christmas rides on elephants and rickshaws here.) Thank you for your consideration.

Williamson Family Blog said...

that's fine Sabine go ahead and use it