Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Information about South America

While South America is a continent of extreme beauty, it is also a continent of earthquakes, civil unrest and grinding poverty. First, please pray for the people affected by natural disasters, and the BMS personnel who work to help them recover. The Church has been active in providing disaster relief, and it is a major cause of thanks to God - that the Church is acting to bear witness to Christ in this way. However, the Baptist church is still relatively young and small here. They need your prayers that they will continue to grow strong. There is much division between denominations in South America. The evangelical and baptist Christians have been persecuted. Please pray for help to come to those struggling in poverty, from the unemployed in the cities to those in the fields struggling to grow enough to eat. This is not helped by political instability, and the selling off of natural resources to foreign companies (which is a cause of civil unrest). Please pray in particular for the farmers of Peru, who have been demonstrating recently against the sale of water supplies to a foreign company who will charge 3 times more for much needed water.

Tim Saunders Action Team Ecuador

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MogA said...

We pray for you, for the BMS, and for the people in Peru. Like I have written before, the biggest need is christien people with big hearts, and that is what you have!!