Thursday, January 22, 2009


In Peru many people rely on combis (minivans) to travel short journeys.
In Arequipa you can travel from one end of the city to the other , the price for the journey is always the same 70 centimos (which is about 20 pence) .
For the last 3 days in Arequipa all the combis are on strike protesting about the governments proposed transport changes. This has caused maximum disruption as people can not get to their place of work or study, shops open later and close earlier . People travel in groups in taxis and many travel in the back of open lorries or pick ups which is incredibly dangerous.
Apparently the strike will continue indefinately for us who have our own car and who can afford to pay taxi fares it is a minor annoyance for many people it is a huge inconvenience and a very big problem! We were very concerned that the lady who helps us 3 times a week with cleaning and cooking risked her safety yesterday by travelling in the back of an open lorry to get to our house. We hope that the strike will soon end and people like her will be able to travel in safety.

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