Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Driving test and Diarrhoea

Two major themes in the Williamson household over the last two weeks have been Diarrhoea and driving test.

First the driving theory test : 6 months after receiving his Peru ID card Scott's international driving licence becomes void. That time is approaching rapidly and a number of our colleagues who were at the same stage in language as us and tried to take the written test in spanish failed it.
Our next door neighbour Rosemary is a lawyer and knows some people in high places in the transport department .Rosemary and Scott spent a few hours every afternoon last week standing in queues , having meetings and gaining signatures so that Scott could have a translator in the exam. Today he dressed up in his dog collar to take the test and Scott is delighted that he passed! Thankyou for your prayers!
Later this week he will travel to Lima to go to the British Embassy to authenticate his British Driving license. The Peruvian roads are treacherous please pray for safety as we travel, last year more than 800 people died in RTAs in Peru.

Onto the next topic that has consumed us recently: the Diarrhoea and vomiting, we have all been ill particularly Jess last week ( diarrhoea 100 times in 1 week) and now this week Samuel, please pray for good health for us all!


Bob said...

Really sorry to hear about the sickness. But "diarrhoea 100 times in 1 week" - were you counting? Did you have a wall-chart up somewhere?? I'm fascinated. Hope Sam gets over it quickly and that the wall-chart doesn't fill up quite so far.

Sue R said...

Sorry to hear this but did pray for you this morning.