Saturday, May 19, 2012

Homeward bound... (almost!)

Sam's new socks!

union jack birthday cake ( one of 3 birthday cakes Scott had!)

Scott and his twin brother Gareth (there are some people so tall that they make Scott look little!)

on holiday in Spain with Granny and Grandad

canal in Leicestershire

Where is home?
When we are in Peru we fondly talk of the UK as being home, when we are in the UK we miss our home in Peru. We have had a great trip but have also felt unsettled here in the UK since it is no longer our home, this reminds us of the fact that really heaven but not earth is actually our home. So as 3 Williamsons prepare to go "home " to Peru and Pastor Scott prepares to stay "home" in the UK for an extra month to tour the churches we have come to realise that for this season in our lives, home for the Williamsons is actually wherever and whenever the 4 of us are altogether . With that in mind please pray for us this next month as Anjanette , Jess and Sam return to Peru on Monday May 21st and leave Scott behind.

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