Friday, May 25, 2012

Back in Cusco

Well three out of the four Williamsons are back in Cusco after a door to door 29 hour journey (including 3 flights) we made it without any delays or problems, Jess and Sam behaved brilliantly and it is really good to be back!

We know we are back in Cusco where the crescent moon is on its side (it currently looks like a U shape), it is hot and sunny in the day then gets dark and we put the gas fire on as the temperature drops dramatically at 6pm, the children never seem to be affected but after just one month at sea level Anjanette is feeling short of breath due to the high altitude.

Since we all woke up at 0400 the next day due to jet lag we decided to send Jess and Sam straight back to school, they have been terrific but very tired this week. We have all been thrilled to see our friends and church family again and Anjanette enjoyed being back at La Fuente clinic after a month off. It was good to visit family and friends in the UK but it is great to be back in our home in Cusco where we belong.

While we have been away the church has pulled together and covered the preaching and teaching in Scott's absence. The nurses have been visiting Huambutio weekly carrying out interviews and the building work there is advancing rapidly too. It is such a relief to see that things have been ticking along well while we have been away, our last home assignment was a really difficult time for the church and some members decided to leave while we were away.

So while we are unpacking and settling back into our Cusco routine Pastor Scott is in the UK booked up with approxiamately 20 speaking engagements in the next month. It is not easy for him being "left behind" please pray that God will use him mightily during this next month.


Angela said...

Glad you 3 are home safe in Peru. We look forward to Scott visiting our church at KM in 3 weeks time. And be assured we continue to pray for you ALL ! blessings xx

mdrev said...

We've been praying for you all this week, especially as the three of you returned home to Cusco. Glad to hear the journey home went well, an answer to prayer, praise God. Scott brought your greetings to us on Thursday evening and last night. It was great to see him again and hear how God has been working through you and the church in Cusco. Hope the keyboard (honkytonk) worked for your morning service, we prayed it would! Will continue to hold you all in prayer especially whilst Scott is here fulfilling all his speaking appointments, and for you guys getting back into your routine in Cusco.

Love & Blessings
Marcus & Gina xx