Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fundraising to buy our own church building

Happy birthday Margaret, thankyou for holding a fundraising garden birthday party to help us purchase our own church building in Cusco!

As you saw from the photos of our church anniversary celebration last week , when we have special events and visitors El Puente is bursting at the seams and people were standing in the doorway and in the street! Our small church space can comfortably sit about 40 people (we had about 75 at the anniversary celebration), however we do not have a suitable space for the childrens' Sunday school activities so at the moment the children meet and have their class in the homes of the missionaries who currently live close to the church, this is just a short term solution to our space problem.

More importanty the rent in the middle class area of Cusco where we work is expensive , it is covered by some of our supporters for which we are very grateful, but in the long term we need the church to be sustainable without the expats leading the church and also paying the rent , so we are saving up to buy our own church building.

Our small church in Cusco will be thinking up creative ways to make some money but we are also seeking some help from our supporters in the UK to meet this cost. (It will be at least £100,000 for a small one storey apartment.) We have already received some generous donations from some wonderful churches and individuals and currently we have raised about a third of the money we need. BMS World Mission have established a special project fund for this purpose and money can be sent directly to BMS earmarked for the Cusco church building project.

We are able to live and work here in Peru because churches and individuals give money to BMS for which we say a HUGE THANKYOU, we do not want to detract from this regular giving which makes it possible for us to be here.

We would like to thank dear Margaret, our BMS link rep from Union in High Wycombe, she recently celebrated her birthday with friends but asked for donations for our project in lieu of gifts .

Please think and pray about whether you can make a donation to the Cusco church building project and if possible like Margaret please enjoy yourself in the process! Every little helps.Thankyou .

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