Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrating our 2nd church anniversary at El Puente

Here are a few photos of our church anniversary celebrations. Pastor Pedro and Chi Chi (teachers from our language school in Arequipa) came to speak and share the occasion with us . We had a terrific service, a few of Anjanette's musician friends from other churches played in the band which was a special treat. The service was followed by 70 of us going out for Peru's national dish pollo a la brasa (chicken and chips!) We were delighted that 10 people from Yucay and many other visitors also came to join the festivities too! God has been so faithful to us over these 2 years,I don't think we could ever imagined being part of such a wonderful loving church family 2 years ago when we started out. We are so happy that our church is slowly growing, it was a real joy to welcome new people into church membership today as part of our celebrations.

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