Friday, June 10, 2011

Tears of joy

I have often had patients in my consulting room crying because they are sad or frustrated or depressed but today was the first time a patient cried tears of joy and thanks for the help we gave her. Today I met Justina, I have been seeing her great grandson in the clinic and so the family decided to bring their grandmother for some help too. Justina is 83 she is paralysed down her left side after a stroke 2 years ago, she also has very severe osteoarthritis for which she takes no medication. She walks very unsteadily with a crutch, today I thought a walking frame would be much better for her weak left side and also the arthritis. Amazingly when we checked our store room we had a few folding walking frames and were able to give her one as well as some painkillers, when she tried it out she wouldn't stop crying, then later on she wouldn't stop talking to all the other patients really enjoying the chance to be out of the house and to socialise, what a joy to work in La Fuente and to be able to explain to her that we are a christian clinic and that the frame is a gift from God to her!

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