Friday, April 1, 2011

Timetable for the Bristol team

Well we are getting ready to host a team of ministers in training from Bristol Baptist college ( 12 visitors in total) . Scott has been really busy with the logistics of their timetable arranging hotels, meals, visits, trips, translators and special events, Anjanette will be taking groups of 2 visitors at a time to the clinic/home visits . For those prayer warriors among you do pray for the time that they spend in Cusco that it will be a life changing experience for them and also that they will be a great blessing to the Peruvians that they meet.Please pray for strength and energy for the Cusco missionaries during their visit.

Sun April 3 arrive in Cusco , El Puente church service

Mon April 4
basic spanish lesson ,orientation and overview of the trip

Tues April 5 basic spanish lesson , visit central Cusco

Weds April 6 Cusco Pastors meeting / La Fuente clinic, pm sightseeing

Thur April 7 home visits at La Fuente clinic

Fri April 8 ladies manual work at La Fuente clinic, men manual work in Yucay

Sat April 9 young peoples' games/football game

Sun April 10
Sunday worship in Williamsons' home, day of Peruvian presidential elections no public meetings allowed

Mon April 11
visit Machu Pichu

Tues April 12
La Fuente ,childrens' burns unit,evening visit to seminary

Weds April 13 pastors meeting/La fuente, burns unit,evening seminary

Thurs April 14
La fuente/english classes in school in Huambutio, pm burns unit

Fri April 15
La fuente/Huambutio,pm burns unit evening outreach event El Puente

Sat April 16 all day trip sightseeing sacred valley

Sun April 17 am preaching in different churches, pm El puente

Mon April 18
free day in Cusco

Tues April 19
leave Cusco

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Anonymous said...

They are in Madrid. We are praying for you all, and those of us back here in Blighty! God bless, Iain, Grace and Sam (Hannah's tribe)

PS - please tell Hannah we are blogging too!