Thursday, March 24, 2011

Medical Licence Application (by Anjanette)

Well for the last 2 years that I have been working at La Fuente clinic here in Cusco other doctors have signed my charts for me ( a bit like being a medical student) since I do not have my licence to practice medicine in Peru. We didn't understand the whole application procedure until we met other British and American doctors here in Peru so actually last year when Scott went back to the UK for his sister's wedding he spent some time in the Peruvian embassy getting some of my documents legalised and stamped and translated .

So here we are a year later applying to the university of Arequipa for my "titulo" we were told that I would have to work in a hospital in Peru before passing this first stage of the process, I am not keen on that option partly because we are so busy with our work here in Cusco but also because I have been working in the general practice setting in the community in the UK and in Peru for the last 10 years so my acute hospital medicine is quite rusty!

This week Scott went back to the University in Arequipa where a friend of ours arranged a helpful meeting between him and the head of the university and they are now agreeing that I have sufficient post graduate qualifications that proof of my working here in Peru (under supervision) these last 2 years in the clinic should prevent me needing to work in a Peruvian hospital. So today we sent 80 case notes by courier and further documents to Arequipa. All we can do now is wait and pray that I will be granted my license. ( At least this initial part of the process) We are not prepared to pay a bribe, nor is my spanish good enough to pass a medical exam ( a bit like medical finals!) so we have to trust that if it is God 's will for us to open a clinic in Huambutio to serve the community there that he will open the doors, thankyou for praying, please keep praying with us , we will keep you posted.


Angela said...

Praying for you, Anjanette, that everything works out smoothly, and that all the necessary paperwork can be sorted out.
Blessings x

John Quinn said...

Hello, I too am seeking to transfer my UK med licenses to Peru (Arequipa), can i be in touch with you about more details to the process? thank you, John Quinn, and +51 958 694 335