Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kids event in the local sports court

Today Amanda and Neil organised a kids games event at the local concrete community sports area. We hired the sports court then had to pay more money for the man across the road to let us run a cable across road (cars literally drove over it!) so we could use our speakers and play music for the event! The children enjoyed facepainting, played football, did parachute games, made juggling balls out of rice and balloons, ran relay races, played with hoops, diablos and spinning tops. It was great to reconnect with some of the children in the community that we have got to know over the years, the kids had great fun and we invited them to church and explained that soon we will be starting up some kids clubs there. However for us the most exciting part of the day was the great conversations we had with people. The fact that we ran this event and had loud music playing meant people were stopping and asking questions, Anjanette had a long conversation with a lady from the campo who was selling flowers, she told her how hard it is for her to survive and provide for her family selling a few things since she is a single mother to 4 children.
Anjanette bought a bunch of flowers from her ( 6 gladioli for 25 pence!)and then was able to pray with her asking God to help her provide for all her needs. We also had some great conversations with people in the community who showed interest in coming to El Puente. It was great to have so many helpers from the Bristol team to make today such a fun event and to cause so many people to stop and chat with us, here are a few photos.....

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