Friday, April 8, 2011

Bristol team at La Fuente

Today the Bristol team had a practical day,they worked really hard at La Fuente clinic, they did battle with the overgrown back garden, varnished the chairs in the patients' waiting area, painted a stunning mural and put loads of vitamins that they donated to the clinic into dispensing bags.

La Fuente is a really special place to us and it was wonderful to have our friends join us firstly for our weekly prayer meeting and then to serve the community there today. While all this busy activity was going on Anjanette had her busiest morning ever seeing patients. Jess and Sam even joined in after school and helped to paint the mural which was a special treat for them.

We have been blessed to host many different visitors these last few years we have lived in Peru , however hosting theological students is an exciting new experience for us!

Every night we have been priveleged to join in their reflection time at the end of the day when they share about what God has been teaching them that day, things that have particularly struck them and then bible verses which further explore those themes.

We love living in Cusco and it is fascinating to hear other peoples' reflections about our great city of Cusco!

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