Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are back in Cusco

We made it back to Cusco!
All 4 of us and our 8 suitcases made it from London to Cusco in one piece the journey was long but fortunately there were no delays . We visited the beach in Miami, we had breakfast at Lima airport with our colleague Margaret and we were delighted to see some of our church family and a few of our missionary friends waiting at Cusco airport to collect us. The sky was blue the sun was shining but in true Cusco style there was a hailstorm in the afternoon.
We managed to squeeze in a quick meeting with Jess and Sam's new teachers, we put the car battery back in, started preparing for the new school year tomorrow and even made a start on the unpacking. We are taking medication called diamox to help us adjust to the high altitude here, unfortunately the side effects are that your fingers and feet tingle and burn alot , but hopefully we won't feel the effects of the high altitude so acutely (the headaches, tiredness and shortness of breath).
So we are here and although it feels a little odd to be here it is good to be back , the kids are delighted to be back in their own home again with their toys and their summer clothes which they put on straight away.We have all forgotten some of our spanish and are a little concerned about how they will get on at school , we hope and pray that they will have a great start to their new school year.

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polarfreak said...

Great to hear your are all back safely. We do hope Sam and Jess get on well back in school. I am sure the Spanish will soon be back to speed. Thanks so much for your input at Union.