Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Friends

The Roper family (Neil Amanda Daniel and Sophia) are the new BMS missionaries who have come to work with us ,we are very grateful that all 4 kids are getting on so well, this is especially important since they are staying in our house at the moment. Jessica is enjoying babysitting and playing with 2 year old Sophia, whilst Samuel and Daniel (age 4) are also having great fun together making up games enjoying running around together. A few days ago we had a brainstorming session sharing our aspirations for the youth and childrens' ministry in our church, we are very excited about the opportunities we will have now that we have a "team" working together here. These next few weeks we will help them move house, to an apartment round the corner from the church and Anjanette (ably assisted by Jessica) will spend some time looking after the children in the afternoons while Neil and Amanda are at language school. So far we feel very blessed that we are all getting on so well together, please pray that we will work well as a team and be a strength and a support to each other. Please pray for the Roper family that they will soon be confident speaking spanish.

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