Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jesus al rescate!

Anjanette was outvoted in a family meeting regarding the timing of when we put up the Christmas tree so it went up very early on December 4th last weekend! There is great excitement in the house and as a family we have started reading through Christmas Unpacked, a daily 3 week Christmas bible discovery for children and families . We are learning that Jesus is God's rescue plan through readings games stories and puzzles .Sam thinks this is great since he spends a lot of time shouting Buzz Lightyear al rescate (to the rescue) now he is saying Jesus al rescate. However yesterday after our childrens' music group which Jess and Sam attended they were arguing over who would cuddle baby Jesus and I had to tell them he is the Prince of Peace and doesn't want us fighting over him!!

We are so excited about celebrating Christmas at El Puente and are gearing up for church Christmas celebrations with special activities in our children and youth groups. Here's the timetable:

On Saturday 19th Dec we are planning a chocolotada (where we give out hot chocolate, paneton, clothes and toys and will do games and a Christmas presentation) in a poor district of Cusco where church members have contacts.. We hope most of our church family will come and take part.

On Sunday 20th we will have an open air Christmas service outside the cafe, we are hoping Pepe Flores the president of the baptist convention will be with us to preach.

On the afternoon of 24th we will hold a family Christmas service at church. Peruvians then celebrate Christmas at midnight .

On Dec 25th as a family with Anjanette's parents and aunt plus another missionary family we will have our traditional Christmas meal and a small family service at our home.

Last Christmas in Arequipa was hard we were very homesick and not really settled, this year we have lovely friends and church family to celebrate with and the icing on the cake (which hopefully they are bringing in their bulging suitcases!) is that mum dad and Geetha will be with us too!

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