Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jessica enjoys school camp

This week 1st grade students and above had an overnight sleep at Jess's school. They hoped to stay in a hostel further afield but since this is rainy season the government has changed the laws about letting school trips travel when the weather is bad. As this was her first year it was very reassuring for us to know she was only camping in Miss Pip's classroom. She had a great time and came home covered in mud exhausted but happy and talking with a strong american accent!! The differences between the school system here and at home are huge but we thank God that Jess and Sam take it all in their stride and have had a wonderful first year in their new school here in Cusco.

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Angela said...

Hoping all going well with you. We had a great Nativity Play this morning at KMFC and I am posting pictures of the socks the children have collected for you on my blog

Advent Blessings xx