Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goodbye radicales hello hard work!

No to say that we haven't been working hard these last 3 months that they have been here but the radicales have really helped us get things up and running and have been a huge help at the start of our church plant, because of this and the friendships we have made with them , Jacki Nidian Meri and Josue will always be really special to El Puente cafe iglesia .Needless to say the goodbyes were traumatic, poor Jessica was inconsolable!! Scott will attend their graduation ceremony in Lima at the missions conference this weekend, hopefully one day soon the rest of us will meet them again, they live 1 plane ride (20 hrs bus ride) or 2 plane rides away so not exactly round the corner but at least in the same country as us ! Thanks be to God for these young people who served the church here, we look forward to seeing how he will continue to work in their lives and use them for his glory in the future.

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