Sunday, November 1, 2009

El Puente first baptismal service

baptising Mercedes

lots of visitors came to the baptismal service

tamales (maize, egg and pork dripping) and lechon (pork)

What a great service! Fourteen year old Mercedes was baptised and many of her school friends came to the service. Maxi's parents are not keen for her to be baptised and she went to spend time with her family today since it is 1st November , Dia de los muertos, when many catholic families visit their relatives and feast at the cemetery often eating the favourite meal of their departed loved ones. On November 1st lechon (stewed pork) and tamales is typically eaten in Cusco. We had a double celebration at church today as it was also a goodbye service for the radicales and so 4 of the church ladies cooked lechon and tamales which we all enjoyed after the service!
We are so delighted that the church is growing , people are coming to faith, people are being baptised and others are becoming more commited to the church . Today we celebrate 3months since the start of the church plant God is so faithful! Thankyou for praying with us and supporting us.

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